Grant Guidelines

The Wayne Duddlesten Foundation supports programs that work to resolve societal problems strategically. 

Please do not apply for a grant before contacting the Foundation. Our
staff can help you decide whether it is worth your time and expenses
to proceed with an application.

The Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations that have been recognized by the IRS as being described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and public charities rather than private foundations.

Because the Foundation receives more proposals than it can fund, it should not be interpreted that submitting a grant request is an indication of likely support. Every grant should be understood to be issued on a one-time basis. 

Limited grants may be made to projects and programs of special interest to Wayne Duddlesten Foundation board members.

The Foundation does not make grants, loans or scholarships to individuals; however, the Foundation will make grants to educational institutions in support of their scholarship programs.

Of particular interest are:

  • Organizations in Houston and Harris County that encourage and assist individuals to become economically self-sufficient (even though some of the programs may be delivered or administered outside these geographic boundaries)
  • Programs for at-risk children
  • Early reading programs, including in-school or after school programs that enhance academic achievement and develop technology skills
  • Programs for charter schools and education programs outside the public school systems

  • Programs that teach about the greatness of America, the benefits and rewards of a free-market society, and knowledge of founding documents and founding fathers (these programs may be delivered or administered anywhere within the United States)

The Foundation will not consider:

  • Organizations funded primarily by public taxation or government funding
  • Art organizations (except as part of an education process)
  • Medical, scientific or academic research
  • Requests for endowments or capital campaigns
  • Organizations that practice political correctness, support cancel culture, revisionist history, or restrictions on constitutional rights

  • Funds for social or fraternal organizations including band and sports teams
  • Organizations which promote a secular religious message or a political candidate or profit-making enterprises
  • Requests for deficit funding or payment of fines/penalties
  • Activities that would jeopardize the Foundation’s charitable status

To be considered for funding, a grant application must be completed. The Foundation may request additional information in writing from applicants. In addition, the Foundation might also consult with persons knowledgeable about the proposed activities and welcomes your suggestions as to who might be qualified to assist us in the review of your proposal. Finally, as part of the review process, the Foundation may request to meet with applicants.

Grants are approved once a year at a quarterly board meeting. Applicants will be notified of the board’s decision to approve or deny a grant within two weeks following the grant approval board meeting.

If a grant is awarded, a grant agreement will need to be signed. The grant agreement will convey reporting and other requirements as necessary.

The Foundation prefers not to accept unsolicited requests/grant applications. To make an inquiry, please contact Charlene Slack at [email protected] or 713-532-7063, ext.4.

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